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A Guide to Maintaining a Healthy & Normal Vagina

As a woman, you must always remain concerned about your vaginal health. The vagina usually has an acidic pH level, is naturally lubricated, secretes discharge in small amounts, and contains beneficial bacteria that combat infections.

Unfortunately, vaginas are prone to yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, vagina odor, and herpes if not taken care of adequately; here's how to maintain a healthy and normal vagina:

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Let's start from where it actually makes a difference — a nutritious diet with ample fluid intake is key to reproductive and vaginal health. Foods may also work as medicines to treat vaginal health complications; for example, yogurt consisting of probiotics can prevent recurring yeast infections and aid the treatment further for a quick recovery. Likewise, cranberry juices or supplements improve the living conditions of those experiencing frequent urinary tract infections. You can also try exercising to maintain vaginal function; walking and running can help tone the pelvic floor.

Use Lubrication

Lubrication is an integral part of intercourse as it keeps the vagina and skin of the labia from becoming chafed and irritated. While it occurs naturally during arousal, it's possible to not produce enough — this is when artificial lube comes in handy to enhance pleasure and reduce friction. Don't put baby oil or petroleum jelly inside the vagina as it causes inflammation and can also set you up for infections — instead, use dedicated products.

If you have trouble understanding why your vagina acts the way it does, it's best to reach out to a gynecologist for screening.

A Good Hygiene

Good hygiene goes a long way in regulating the health of the vagina. For example, wiping from front to back after a bowel movement reduces bacterial contamination and bladder infections. Likewise, it's recommended to wear panty liners to absorb vaginal discharge, but like pads and tampons, they must be changed at regular intervals to prevent vulvar irritation.

Furthermore, condoms can help protect against sexually transmitted diseases — but make sure your partner changes condoms from anal to vaginal and oral sex to halt the transmission of harmful bacteria. Vaginal complications can severely affect your ability to reach an orgasm, desire to have sex, and your chances of fertility.

You must also refrain from fabrics that contribute to warm, moist conditions in the intimate regions, as this is where the bacteria are more likely to thrive.

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