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Here’s How a Healthy Vagina Should Smell

Vaginal odor is something most women don’t often talk about despite having several questions associated with it. This ultimately gives rise to the massive use of feminine washes and other products to achieve the ideal vaginal odor. Read on to learn what a healthy vagina should smell like.

A Mild & Musky Scent

The first and the most important thing that you should always be sure of is that there’s no such thing as an odorless vagina. All vaginas have a smell according to their specific pH levels. Therefore, the myth of a healthy vagina being odorless is misleading and untrue.


Many women assume that a healthy vagina smells incredibly pleasant. However, if a vagina is healthy and problem-free, it doesn’t need to smell like roses and jasmines. All it has is a musky and mild scent that’s not fishy or strong.

No Unpleasant Hints

Remember that a healthy vagina never has unpleasant hints or scents. In fact, if you sense your vagina giving off a strange, strong, fishing, and unpleasant smell, there’s a high chance there’s a problem that you should seek help for.


A strong, fishy vaginal odor is one of the most common symptoms of yeast infections, STDs, hormone changes during pregnancy, unprotected sex, and various other issues.

Signs Something Might be Wrong

If you sense a foul smell, you may need to consult a qualified doctor to determine the problem since an unusual vaginal odor is one of the initial symptoms of more crucial vaginal health problems such as STDs and infection.


It’s always a good idea to keep a check on your vagina’s texture and discharge color to identify a potential problem. An unusual discharge color paired with a strong and unpleasant smell can instantly indicate a problem such as bacterial growth or hormonal changes.


While it’s crucial to seek a doctor’s help when trying to get an accurate diagnosis, you can also prevent vaginal odor or eliminate the smell by resorting to boric acid suppositories. These are the perfect products for achieving the ideal vaginal pH balance.

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Knowing what a healthy vagina smells like is crucial because it makes it significantly easier to identify strange smells and seek treatments for problems like bacterial vaginosis, STDs, yeast infections, and more. Furthermore, it allows you to explore some exceptional options to treat vaginal odor, such as the boric acid suppository for vaginal pH balance available at Pretty pH.

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