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Smells Down Under: Sorting Healthy Vaginal Odors from Unhealthy Vaginal Odors

You may find it hard to talk about, but it’s necessary to discuss vaginal health. Why does the vaginal smell at all? And are all kinds of smells bad? The fact is that our body emits odors depending on our diet, medication, hygiene, and other secretions. The vagina smells because the warm environment is surrounded by a lot of lymph nodes and glands. It consists of healthy bacteria that can cause normal odors.

We have attempted to separate the healthy smells from the unhealthy. In this case, you can know when to be concerned and sort out the issue.

Healthy Vaginal Odors

Some healthy vaginal odors include:

Tangy and Sour Smell

The words tangy and sour may seem worrisome but are normal smells for your vagina. Healthy bacteria in the vagina help keep the environment healthy by creating hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid, and other compounds to put aside harmful bacteria. Your vaginal pH levels are should remain somewhere between 3.8 to 4.4, on the acidic end of the scale. The acidity also helps prevent bacterial growth in the vagina.

Metallic Smell

A metallic smell is hard to describe, but the simplest way to describe it is to compare it to the smell of blood. The iron in the blood, causes it to smell metallic. In the vagina, a metallic smell could be caused by bleeding during menstruation. If you bleed during sex, it may also cause a metallic smell as the blood travels through the vaginal canal. Semen can also cause the vagina to smell metallic.

Bittersweet Smell

If the healthy bacteria in the vagina is imbalanced, the vagina can smell bittersweet as it affects the environment.

Unhealthy Vaginal Odors

Some of the unhealthy vaginal odors are listed below. If you smell these odors you should visit your doctor.

Fishy Smell

A foul and fishy smell can be pointing to much more serious concerns that you should get looked at immediately. Two possible reasons for the smell could be:

Bacterial Vaginosis

Excess bacterial growth in the vagina can be the cause of a fish vaginal smell. Bacterial vaginosis is an infection that causes a strong fishy smell and a grayish discharge. The infection can be treated by getting a prescription for an antibiotic.


Trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted infection, is caused by the parasite, trichomonas. The infection can cause itching, pain, discomfort, and a yellow-green discharge. The infection can be treated with an antibiotic as well.

Rotten Smell

A rotten smell that closely resembles rotting meat, in the vagina can be a cause for concern. This smell is caused by a tampon that you may have forgotten to have pulled out. Along with the putrid smell, an equally smelly discharge of various shades is released. You may even experience additional symptoms such as high temperatures, itching in the vagina, pain during urination, and redness in the pelvic area. If you are unable to pull out the tampon, visit the doctor immediately.

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