About Us

Meet Tima, CEO and Founder of Pretty pH!


Hey y'all!! So, like almost all women in this world, I have struggled with occasional vaginal odor throughout my life. It’s something that can make you super uncomfy, self-conscious, insecure, and just get your mood down in general. I feel like the topic of vaginal odor is taboo and nobody likes to talk about it because it’s embarrassing. (But in reality, it's normal!) I’ve always been the type to be on top of my personal hygiene, especially when it comes to my lady parts, so whenever I could smell that something wasn’t right, I would go to the doctor so they could get me back on track. But that gets expensive, it’s time consuming, and I didn't like taking the antibiotics that were harsh on my body!

That led me to create Pretty pH! An all NATURAL way to get rid of vag odor, treat BV and yeast infections conveniently in the privacy of your home!

My goal is to get this into your hands (yes girl, YOU, the one reading this right now!), and into the hands of all women around the world to show them how easy and safe it is to keep a balanced pH!